Thanks to its Know How, our Energy Saving System department uses a System that allows agencies to transform their energetic costs into investment, without weighing on financial report and defining itself a self-liquidating system.


Thanks to its Know How, our Logistics Saving System department uses a System that allows agencies to have great countable results, regarding a direct and indirect saving.

Emergenza COVID-19

Sei un’azienda ed hai bisogno di sanificare i tuoi ambienti? Hai necessità di tenere sotto controllo l’afflusso di persone che entrano nella tua attività, o consentire l’accesso solo a chi indossa la mascherina?
PFF Group ha la soluzione, contattaci per sapere la migliore in base alle esigenze della tua attività!

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Our compromise goes far beyond our job of optimizing energetic costs and combined logistics.

Official sponsor

We are the official sponsor of the team of our town over the years 2018-2019.

Official partner

Legambiente turismo
We are Legambiente Turismo’s partners, with which we share our green ethic for a more sustainable work.

We promote events and activities

Culture and sport
We are delighted to promote sports and cultural events, in particular in the schools. We believe in youth and in their active involvement both in the job world and in the environment respect.

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